10 Magic Tricks of increasing your Google PageRank™

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Trick 1

Follow the guidelines of a web page. Validate your HTML document using http://validator.w3.org/

Trick 2

Use META tags. Add maximum keywords to your META so that they follow up in the search results. Keep keyword limit to 30 as Google indexes only first 100KB of a web page
This is very important way of increasing the PageRank of a website.

Trick 3

Add page specific <title></title> to every page of yours. Keep it different for every page in your website so that google doesn’t get confused. The page TITLE has more importance than the content on the page comparatively.

Trick 4

DO NOT add much of Javascript in the section of your page. Shift them to the bottom before </html> to the extent possible.

Trick 5

Use clear URLs for your web pages like /about-us instead of /page_id=1&about etc.

Trick 6

Insert the important titles in <h1></h1> tags all over your document and use CSS to make it look smaller in size. <h1> denotes that the text in it has very high importance and Google loves it

Trick 7

Use the HTML tags in Lower case. Keep it <body> instead of <BODY>.

Trick 8

DO NOT use lot of words in a sentence in UPPER CASE. Google will think that you are trying to abuse their system.

Trick 9

Use .com domains to the maximum extent possible as Google keeps .com domains on highest priority.

Trick 10

Create a lot of internal linkings in your website.
For example Home>>Page1 and Home>>Page2 should also have Page1>>Home and Page2>>Home and Page1>>Page2.